Cashus McClellun - Bard of the Shrimp Boats


Dave – Human Bard – Cashus McClellun
Learned Lore from Mystapo Barcle at the Bardic College. (Far away, in a valley, secret and hidden in the clouds) Its really hard to graduate, if you do you are master.
Might not have actually graduated, but claim that I did.

His muse is the legends of heroes past. Sir Sir Valor – A true warrior.
He took down a Elder White Dragon with just a look in his eye. His horse was killed by a rogue unicorn, so then he used a Frog as a mount. Then fried the dragons mind with hours of physic chess.

Learned many things from Piper Feildy

Jack is often the butt of my jokes.
I sang stories about owen before I met him. His stylish use the weave.

Cashus McClellun - Bard of the Shrimp Boats

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