Grampus - Elf Ranger - Chad


Old bald, lithe elf, skin and bones. Wearing Camo clothes.

Rumors are that he can talk to nature, but not really talks to humans.

Embarrassed about:
Booze and Boobs

Gets his booze from ernestos, gets a shipment.
Then stops in at the local brothals.


Lives out in the woods

Knows Owen

Easily annoyed by humans, they are annoying kids.

Stayed here for the wildlife, they are his only friends.
They are rare species of creature. Firey Muskox – Every few years they sponsiously combust. Then they reform, like a phoenix. Their tails are slowly burning.

Studying them to help stop them from self destroying.

wants to introduce it into the humans!!!

Grampus - Elf Ranger - Chad

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