Owen Macbean - Wizard of Spook Rock


Owen Macbean – Human Wizard – Played by John
Magic is a weave that goes through everyone, some people are intelligent enough to tap into it. It created the universe.
Tap into it by study, learning. Noticing it’s stored energy, different objects have different types.

Pull the weave together and create it. Some places have a strong weave, others have weak weave. He pulls in the weave and stores it. If it is stronger and he is more familiar with the location then it goes faster.—

Fish scale robes, fish oil in hair smooth. Changes the scent to different things.

Favorite Author is Akar Kessel – who focuses on using the weave to change peoples brain.

Feels that Jack Henry is woefully mis-informed on the world.
Cashus will play an important roles, I have foreseen it.

Owen Macbean - Wizard of Spook Rock

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