Root Nerds - Tower of Spook Rock

After Session 1

While enjoying an evening of fine shrimp, fine company, and …decent music the tavern suddenly burst into flames. Our heroes saved some innocent people, saved a few less innocent people, and intentionally left a few to die.

Escaping the burning building they were set on upon by living flame in the shape of men, after quickly dispatching them they ran to village square to assist the town.

Enroute to the square plans changed, as a flaming tower had suddenly erupted from the ground growing taller by the moment.

In a moment of brilliance, Cashus rushed towards the tallest building in the area; the sacred steeple of Krogon, to get a better view.
This did not sit well with Cleric Henry as the tower was for his eyes only.

Eventually after a few deaths and more attempted deaths the Cleric allowed them up to the top provided they averted their eyes from the secrets.

Using the bell rope the party swung accross to the roof of the stables. Which is on fire. So there is that.


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