Spook Rock

Murky Water shipping town

Sort of backwater, a bit in-land.

Sloppy Seconds Shrimping Boat – Where Cashus plays

Ernesto Rock Hearts PukeHall Ago-go is the main bar. Serves a TON of shrimp, so the shrimp boats are out constantly.
Elson the 3 (no relation) is playing

What put this town on the map.
There is a Actual Rock called Spook Rock(Rock) and it was carved into some pagan shapes. The Krugons tried to destroy it hundreds of years ago, but instead it was just sunk into the ground. The sunken area about the Spook Rock is now the harbor. There are occasionally glows in the water and stuff.

Spook Rock

Root Nerds - Tower of Spook Rock tacroy